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Tub-Time Treasures Handcrafted Soap

The Lovin' Soap Project

There are 1.4 billion people living in poverty, and a full 70% of them are women who face inequality and injustices throughout life.


The inability to clothe, house, or feed a family is only a symptom of the real problem– extreme poverty. Development aid and in-kind donations don’t solve the issue, instead acting as a Band-Aid for a system in need of long-term solutions for economic development. Our neighbors need a different kind of help... They are smart, talented, and want an opportunity to create their own prosperity.


The Lovin’ Soap Project is putting gender issues and the cycle of poverty front and center, offering a solution to the problem by empowering women through teaching the micro-business of soapmaking. Providing women the means to run businesses is the path out of poverty for developing nations.


Pneumonia is the leading cause of death for children under five in developing nations. Pneumonia accounts for another 1.2 million infant and child deaths annually and kills more children than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, accounting for nearly 1 in 5 child deaths. Diarrhea continues to be a serious health issue, and is the second leading cause of death for children under five claiming 760,000 lives worldwide.


1.4 million deaths can be prevented each year by simply washing hands with soap.  The Lovin' Soap Project not only provides these women with a skill and a dream... it is also saving lives, one bar of soap at a time.


I am PROUD to be a member of the Lovin' Soap Project team! Please take a look at their website, and consider a donation. Thank you!!!!

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